Good idea, Mom

You know how sometimes you have a problem (major, minor, whatever – in my case, very minor) and it has a very simple solution, but you just can’t see it?  I was talking to Mom and Dad on my way home from DC yesterday, and I mentioned that I kicked off my shoes as soon as I got in the car to give my feet a break.  Unfortunately, that meant I was driving barefoot, which is 1) never comfortable in the best of times, and yesterday wasn’t the best of times, and 2) possibly not legal in DC and Virginia.  Mom suggested I keep a pair of sandals in the car to switch to on my home.  Of course!  Brilliant and simple.  So this morning, I threw my comfy flip-flops (the cushy ones) in the car, and I drove home in comfort.  Great idea, Mom!  Makes me want to smack myself in the head a little bit for not thinking of it myself.

Just a little.

My goal was to be in bed by nine.  It’s 9:15.  So, um, good night.

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