I feel good

(Na na na na na)  I have been checking things off my list left and right.  I ran (check), and while it wasn’t easy (since it was the first time since after work on Tuesday), it felt good to do it.  It threatened to rain the whole time, but mostly held off until I got back.  When I left the house, it was just starting, so I decided to only do two miles.  After the first mile, it had slowed to just a couple of raindrops here and there, so I figured I could get away with four miles before the downpour started.  At the end of the second mile, I had to the make the five-mile decision, and since the rain had stopped altogether by then, I decided to chance it.  At the end of the next mile (the one that made my four-mile run a five-mile run), I looked to the west, decided that the low grey clouds didn’t look that threatening, and took a left to add the one additional mile that extended my run to six miles.  As I came up the hill towards the house, those scattered raindrops began to band together, but within ten minutes, that fizzled out, too.  Those clouds were all talk.

I did some light cleaning (check), went to the library (picked up a P.G. Wodehouse book to listen to) (check), went to the bank to deposit an expense check (check), went to the office for about 15 minutes (check), went to the pharmacy (not on my list, so no check), and made a quick stop at Wegman’s to pick up an easy dinner.  The real grocery shopping can happen tomorrow.  Oh, yeah, I’m doing laundry, too.

See how productive I can be?


  1. momma betty

    You obviously don’t work under the same system that Sandwich Stealer and I do. When you do something that’s not on your list, you add it and then you check it off. So much more gratifying that way (and it evidently satisfies the task master tht lives in my head).

  2. Sandwich Stealer

    I have to wonder how you pronounced “task master” when you wrote that (INSIDE JOKE!)

    Truly, it’s the ADD in us. Making lists, getting distracted, doing other things and then adding them to the list just to check them off and feel productive. The system works!

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