The weather doesn’t always cooperate

We’ve been watching the weather all day, looking forward to the thunderstorms, but the forecast kept pushing them later and later.  It would have been nice to stay in while thunder boomed today.  Now they’re not supposed to start until after ten.  And since that’s past my bedtime, it looks like I’ll miss them.

All of a sudden, I’m nervous about tomorrow.  I don’t know why; tomorrow shouldn’t be any different than the last two Mondays.  I have everything I need, and in fact, most of it is already in the car, so I’m not even in danger of leaving anything crucial at home.  I don’t like this sense of general anxiety.  Makes me nervous.  ( 🙂 )  I might try some sort of meditation to get to sleep.


  1. momma betty

    Actually, a bad book works better. Not necessarily bad, just not gripping. I spent a whole year with Barbara Tuchman’s history of the 14th century, A Distant Mirror, beside my bed. It’s a very good book, but at barely 2 pages a night before falling asleep, I don’t have any coherent memories of it.

  2. Zannah

    Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂 Spokeit, a good book will do wonders to relax me, yes, but getting to sleep gets further away when I can’t put the book down. I’ll have to go with Mom on that one. Wuthering Heights put me to sleep every night for weeks when I was about eleven. Not that it’s a bad book…I just didn’t care and couldn’t get into it. (And that didn’t change over the years.)

    Natalie, I’ve heard about the hot milk thing, but never tried it. Is it really just warm milk? That’s never sounded appetizing to me. Is it good? I can understand hot chocolate, but I guess there’s caffeine in chocolate, so that wouldn’t be a good idea.

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