“Now you drive around front and startle people with your ability to talk.”

After yesterday’s post, I can hardly skip a day, but (enter fake French accent) my muse, she is gone.

Of course, then I went and read Curiosity’s post from today, and now I feel like a slacker (a little).  She has actual reasons to not post.  I do not.

So maybe I’ll stick with a disjointed, kind of random post.  John loves me, and I know this for sure because he always warns me before he opens and closes the ironing board (it makes a horrible screeching sound that I cannot stand).

Did you know I could command the Internet?  Okay, not the whole Internet.  And not command, really, so much as influence.  In a tiny way.  ‘Cause one very nice lady wanted to make sure I had something to read today, apparently.  🙂  (Did I mention it’s all about me?*  Of course it is.)

Last link, ’cause it’s late, and I should be asleep: Today’s XKCD comic.  Tomorrow, I’m going to interpret everything John says as code.

*Clarification: “..it’s all about me” refers to my universe, not Token Blogger‘s post.


  1. Zannah

    I didn’t mean that YOUR post was all about me! I should be clearer. I meant that in my head, the world revolves around me, so of COURSE you posted three times in one day for my benefit. 🙂

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