Puppies make everything better

Check out this adorable picture.  Roxy used to ask to be picked up when she was a puppy, and I miss that a little.  It’s probably just as well she got too big (and grew out of it – thank goodness.  I don’t need a 55-pound dog asking to be picked up.), or I’d carry her everywhere and she’d be fatter than ever.

Today is the last day of class (for this week).  It sort of feels like summer’s coming, like it’s the end of the school year.  Everyone’s getting a little antsy, but more relaxed at the same time, so it’s kinda fun.  And yet, it’s only the end for them.  Not so much for me.  I’m here again tomorrow, and then I start a new class next week.  Same thing, different day.  They go back to work, so I guess it’s not really all that great for them, either.  I’m trying to enjoy the day, and mostly I’m able to, but then I remember how many more times I have do it.

And then I look at adorable pictures of puppies, and I’m ready to pick back up after lunch.  🙂  (Too cutesy?  Too bad.)


  1. Jessica

    Just as well as 75 pounds. It’s one thing to have that in your lap – another to actually lift it.

    Zannah, that reminds me, we had a dog in the office the other day (Tuesday maybe?). A really polite, sweet, well-behaved dog who’s family apparently walks him on the academy campus a lot (so when he broke free, he ran to the academy and ended up outside my office. We let him in until we tracked down the owners. Dogs in the office make the work day SO much better.)

  2. Zannah

    Seriously, how could your day get any better? Dogs in the office…I mean, if you have to be at work, I think that’s hard to top. 🙂

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